Cake Gel Emulsifier Pastry additive is used as an emulsifier and stabilizer in Sponge Cake, Swiss Roll, and Cake production. It is also used for adding volume to sponge cake roll, cake dough, and ice cream

The Pastry Additive acts as an emulsifier that creates a homogeneous blend and will give in­creased volume, softness, and shelf life in cakes, sponge cakes, and swiss rolls. It also decrea­ses the quantity of egg use,egg consumption and delays staleness and preserves taste by improving the structure of the final product and also prevents from sticking to the palate while eating because of the spongy structure it brings

Origin: Turkey Form: Gel Application: Pastry (sponge cakes, ice cream) Directions & Usage: It is applied directly at a certain level  Packing: 5 Kg pails x 4= box & 18 Kg wrapped pails on pallets Shelf Life: 2 years (24 Months) Storage: Cool, odorless environment, 50% relative humidity at ambient sunlight 


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